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The closed cartridge is suitable for use in the printers listed on the packaging, please read the cautions carefully before use.
1 Please do not turn over the OPC freely after the new cartridge took out from the box, and prevent it collide with hard objects.
2 Keep it away form water, moisture, radiation and long time exposed in the light.
3 The product falls machine and takes out compact more difficult, need to slowly put the toner cartridge into the machine, can not make an effort strong line of fall machine. If falling machine is not good enough, it will cause to print to deliver white, the card paper, toner cartridge spring coil shed off an etc. bad phenomenon. Please fall a toner cartridge afresh the machine print and work out a problem.
4 If there is a little print quality problem, please print a few more pages to solve it.
5 While printing to appear asymmetry upright white, you can take out the cartridge to lightly wave, and repeat 2-3 times, to use up the toner powder.
6 Please not disassemble the cartridge privately, or we can not provide any quality assurance.